Located in Eau Claire's historic downtown.
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Artwork Gallery

Discover a gallery of artwork that collectors from all over
the country travel to see. When you walk into the gallery you will be surrounded with incredible art that you will not see anywhere else. Their large inventory and expansive resources assure that they can find the perfect piece of
art for your home or office.

B~Framed Galleries is your source for one of a kind originals, featured International artists, famous Wisconsin artists, a myriad of local professional art photography, hand embellished prints, Wisconsin ceramics, three dimensional art, and much more.

The gallery showcases a
sampling of the multitude of art
and artists available to bring your visions to life!

B~Framed Galleries has brought the most distinguished fine art to the Chippewa Valley since 1976. Visit for yourself Downtown Eau Claire's original art gallery to become inspired.

  • Abstract artwork
  • American genres
  • American landscapes
  • Art scarves
  • Ceramics
  • European originals
  • Figurative
  • Historical
  • Local photography
  • Local art themes
  • International artwork
  • Limited edition prints
  • Mirrors
  • Nature-based artwork
  • Evidence-based for the healthcare industry
  • Sports art
  • Three dimensional art
  • Wisconsin artists

Stop by and see Eau Claire's original art gallery.
(715) 832-4476

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