Located in Eau Claire's historic downtown.
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About B~Framed Galleries

Since 1976, B~Framed Galleries Fine Art & Custom Framing has brought the most distinguished craftsmanship and international fine art to the Chippewa Valley.

Located in the heart of historic downtown Eau Claire, the two story gallery features a combination of Wisconsin & international artists, local photography, and an ever changing collection of 3D artwork.

Your custom framing vision can come to life with the help of the experienced design professionals at B~Framed Galleries. Simply give the gallery a call or drop by the showroom to get started.

Stop by and see Eau Claire's original art gallery.
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B~Framed Events

B~Framed Galleries' 40th Anniversary

Watch for special 40th Anniversary events throughout 2016.

B~Framed Galleries Celebrates its 40th Anniversary starting with a Special B~Framed vintage made for the Gallery by their Downtown Eau Claire neighbors Infinity Beverages

Wine Bottles


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