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Out of the Ashes by Jesse Barnes
"Out of the Ashes"
     At the age of ten a young boy named Jesse Barnes sold his first original oil painting to the principal of his elementary school. Since that time, with the support of many loyal patrons, Jesse Barnes has become one of the country's most renowned artists. Jesse Barnes has been painting professionally for over thirty years, during which time he has painted everything from individual portraits to wildlife to landscapes. Currently, however, Jesse's paintings center mainly around early American nostalgia themes with an emphasis on lighting effects.
Heaven's Masterpiece by Jesse Barnes
"Heaven's Masterpiece"
Bridge to the Past by Jesse Barnes
"Bridge to the Past"
Holiday Homecoming by Jesse Barnes
"Holiday Homecoming"
Lighting the Way by Jesse Barnes
"Lighting the Way"
Dawning of a New Age by Jesse Barnes
"Dawning of a New Age"
Expressions of Nature by Jesse Barnes
"Expressions of Nature"

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